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Top 7 Ways to Keep at the Top of your Customers' Minds

By Kate Marsden

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A lot of sales and repeat business is about being in the right place at the time, so your business needs to pop up frequently to hit that chance. It's better to over-communicate than under-communicate, as long as it’s with some decent content. This is not about spamming customers with rubbish or bland, generic emails or adverts, and the focus should be on value not on short term sales. If you don’t know where to start, try these approaches:

  1. Don’t Sell - Remember your main objective is to keep in their mind - not to sell something all the time. Be seen as a business contact not a salesperson. Be prepared to call someone to see how things are or send people an email with some interesting news in.

  2. Be Personal - Make the contact relevant and personal - everyone hates standard letters and cards, and it doesn't take long to put a personal message on each one.

  3. Update them - Offer the latest thinking in your industry or ideas to help solve your customers’ problems – for example hints, tips or how-to guides.

  4. Be the Expert - Become known for your expertise – if you’ve won an award, been recognised in some way as a business, or been seen on the TV or radio make sure you let people know.

  5. Use Everyone - Use everyone in your business to do this not just sales people – that way it’s more likely to be about relationships and long term communication, not just short term sales

  6. Survey - Kill 2 birds with one stone and send a customer survey out – it reminds people about your business and gives you the chance to get some good testimonials or some learnings for your business.

  7. Use Variety - Use a variety of methods – email, direct mail, social media, events and special offers, rather than doing the same thing all the time – customers respond to different things at different times and will get bored if they only hear from you in one way.

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Article Submitted On: March 10, 2012