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Top 7 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated Without Breaking Your Budget

By Julie Jordan Scott

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The following are helpful tips to keep employees motivated and eager to live strong, healthy, professional lives.

  1. Host a cookie (or chili, or pie, or dip or favorite food you insert here) cook-off. Let your staff taste each other's ware (not labeled by cook) and then vote on whose is the best tasting! The winner receives.....whatever you decide!

  2. Have a friendly, charitable contest. Which duo can raise the most money for a Walk-a-thon? Which partnership can produce the most canned food for the holiday baskets?

  3. Give back to the community together. Have each employee take turns feeding the homeless lunch once a month at the local shelter. Build cohesiveness through service.

  4. At special times of the year, have a secret pal program! Focus on the surprises rather than the gift giving. Encourage creativity and laughter. Make it voluntary, but make it fun.

  5. Have a lunch-craft hour once a month. Allow the secretary with the creative edge show her special gifts! Let those who are normally in "follower" positions take the lead! Watch her glow!

  6. Host a "DOTTING" potluck luncheon. Provide stickable DOTS for your employees to DOT each other with. Have your employees compliment each other, saying, "This DOT is because you _____ well. This DOT is for when you did _____. This DOT is for your smile." You get the drift!

  7. Allow your employees to see your human side. Chances are, they are always a bit afraid when you are around. Show them through your words, attitude and expression that you are not an automaton, but are a kind, compassionate human concerned for them....if you follow the first six suggestions, everyone will win!

Julie Jordan Scott,
Director, Live Passionately Today Coaching Services
Life Purpose Coach/Speaker/Writer/ Motivator/Mom Extraordinaire/ http://www.5passions.com
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Article Submitted On: December 20, 1999