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Top 7 Ways to Increase Attendance on Your Next Conference Call

By Amy Linley

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Youíve done everything to get ready, youíve got a great message, and youíve gotten the word out and are ready to roll. Now the waiting game starts, how many people will actually attend your conference call?

  1. Send an email reminder to all registered participants one day before the planned teleconference call.

  2. Make sure to do a press release announcing your event up to one week before your scheduled teleconference call. Or better yet, do a press release announcement 30 days out and then another 7 days out.

  3. Promote your teleconference call heavily on your website, in your blog, and in your monthly e-newsletter. Use image icons in addition to search engine spiderable text to draw the readerís eye to the information.

  4. Add a line below your email signature for all correspondence with your upcoming conference call information and a brief sentence of what the call is about and how to sign up.

  5. Send an email reminder out one hour before the conference call on the day of the call.

  6. Create an alternative date for those who may have inadvertently missed the call or had a last minute scheduling conflict. Post this on your website after your call has happened.

  7. After the conference call, send all participants a link to the recorded call so that they can get the information and exposure to your information even if they could not attend. This may help with future conference call registrations.

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Article Submitted On: December 07, 2007