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Top 7 Ways to Immediately Identify Key Personality Traits

By Naomi R. Tickle

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Reading Faces to Increase Your Sales.

The system for reading faces as describe below, was developed by Edward Jones, a judge in the 1930s. It was researched to be 92% accuracy. Jones used it for jury selection, sales training programs, personal development and career assessment.

  1. Individuals with a convex (Roman) nose looks for the bargain. "How much does it cost, is it worth it and can I get it for less." They are looking for the value that the product or service will bring to them. They are cost conscious. With thin lips, they will not want to spend more than they have to.

  2. Turned down nose. These people question everything, they are very skeptical by nature. You need to prove it to them. Show them the facts and back it up with all the information. Once you provided the proof, they will be a loyal customer.

  3. Exposed Eyelids. These individuals like you to get to the point. They are more action driven. They will interrupt you if you give them too many details, or finish off the sentence for you. Listen for when they want to make the purchase. Get to the point quickly or they'll stop listening to you. They are more action driven.

  4. Eyelids covered. Be prepared for lots of questions. Just when you think you have answered them all, they will come up with 10 more. They analyze things to death and will not make a decision unless their questions have been answered.

  5. Close set eyes. These individuals are very detail oriented. These are the people who will want the I's dotted and the T's crossed. They dislike interruptions and are quickly annoyed if you are late. Don't introduce too many things at one time, you will lose them.

  6. Wide set eyes. More laid back and will want to see the "big picture." These individuals will sometimes drift off to other topics, reel them back in before they become absorbed in something unrelated to the situation. They can handle a number of different projects at once.

  7. The vertical forehead. Best seen from the side profile. Don't rush these people into making a purchase or you will lose them. They need things explained a step at a time. Check in with your client to make sure everything is clear. If the information goes over their heads, they won't have heard a thing you have said. If you pressure them to make a decision, they'll walk away.

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Article Submitted On: September 13, 2004