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Top 7 Ways to Go the Extra Mile for your Customers

By Kate Marsden

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Think hard about your biggest clients or customers. Can you think of times you have over-delivered for them? Not just things they would expect as standard, but really going the extra mile? If the answer is no, start thinking about how you can differentiate your business and what you can do to show how important those customers are to you.

Keep these principles in mind:

  1. Over-deliver

    Always under-promise and then over-deliver, never the other way round.

  2. Be flexible

    Never tell your customers "no" because that’s “the policy” – going the extra mile sometimes means doing things flexibly.

  3. Be Fast

    Have quicker response times to everything than your competitors – people want to feel that their business matters.

  4. Think Long Term

    Think about the long term value of these customers, not what this might cost today – that way you are more likely to invest in going further.

  5. Don’t be too corporate

    Don’t assume “corporate entertaining” is going the extra mile. Everyone has been invited to work dos, races, parties and so on – and most people would never make a decision based on these things.

  6. Be supportive

    If your customers or clients are in a hole, do whatever you can to get them out of it – even if you aren’t obliged to. Your loyalty to them will be remembered.

  7. Be Personal

    Be personal in what you do – people do business with people, not faceless companies, and going the extra-mile can sometimes be a very simple thing if it is highly personal.

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Article Submitted On: February 20, 2012