Top 7 Ways to Get Your Small Business Digital

By Kate Marsden

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Im not a great fan of the latest business buzzwords, but one that you cant escape is the idea of going digital. Digital is about using technology as a competitive advantage for your business in whatever way works for your business But how can you go about it without tying yourself in knots and spending loads of money? Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  1. E-mails and Newsletters

    It is still surprising how few small businesses collect contact details for their customers and then actually use them. Emails are free and easy they may not be trendy these days, but what other ways are there to keep at the top of your current customers minds that dont cost you anything?

  2. Social Media

    This is the other extreme so trendy everyone feels that they have to do it and it will be the magic answer to all your business problems. But it does have a part to play for some groups of customers. You need to work out if its right for you and either drop it (and dont feel bad about it) or really go for it.

  3. Mobile

    Stop thinking about static computers and get up to speed with mobile. Start with texting what can you prompt with texts to customers? Or can you start developing sales through texts? What about Apps what Apps are there in your market and can you do better? If there arent any, can you be the first to hit your market?

  4. Blogs

    Dont assume that you are going to make a fortune from a blog those are the one in a million cases. But a blog can be a good,easy way of connecting to your customers, engaging in some dialogue and positioning yourself as an expert.

  5. Digital Integration

    Dont think of your business as lots of different channels for your customer its all the same, whether its online, in-store or over the phone/mobile. The move between these channels needs to be seamless and easy for your customer.

  6. Sales approaches

    The old style sales channels are changing all the time. Think about how you are doing sales and if there is a newer way of doing it. PowerPoint is out, videos are in at some point everyone will have jumped on the bandwagon, but at the moment it is still a powerful sales message. Cold calling is dead (thank goodness), but emailing valuable knowledge to your customers is in.

  7. Internal technology

    Spend some time with your team working out what wastes their time and if there is a more effective way of using technology. You dont have to buy expensive off the shelf packages to make technology work for you there are some really good cheap or free options out there which you can use to work out if things are right youre your business.

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Article Submitted On: June 13, 2013