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Top 7 Ways to Get Much More Visibility for your Book and Business

By Judy Cullins

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Is your present marketing working? Working well enough you have enough profits to vacation each year, buy a nice car, or pay your child's tuition?

Perhaps you've tried high-cost but low results marketing already. Book signings are fun for the extrovert, but don't yield alot unless you give many a month. Replace low results marketing with these tips and solutions. It will change the way you do business if you are willing.

After you read the choices below for the seven ways you can get more visibility for your book or business, you may change your mind about the way your market your business.

We know one thing, besides speaking the word, there's a new way to promote--and that's the internet. These promotions are mostly free or at a small cost of time and money. These 7 tips show you how to market through the written word-- how to write powerful copy to get more books sold and potential clients to call you.

Top 7 Questions Answered to Attract New Clients and Customers

  1. How can I update my signature file to attract more clients and customers?

    Remember, include your sig file (web bio) at the bottom of each email. If you don't, you're missing soft advertising that your audience will respond to. Include your web bio, 2-5 lines, with every article you submit to top web sites and ezine directories.

    Yes, include your name, email, phone numbers, but also include your business concept statement of who you work with, plus a benefit of your service.

    Include your book title, but most important, include a free offer at the your web site with a proper live link. At you site, you can capture your visitor's email and add it to your growing data base.

    Goal: Get targeted people to your web site to see your sales letters for your products or service

  2. Should I brand my business with a short book?

    Yes! either print or eBook or both. Your book is your business card, and many pros write one under 100 pages--just to give away. Today's audience is hungry for your information product and they will buy your books-It's the #1 thing bought online.Your audience is out these awaiting your wisdom.

    In my first book on how to write an eBook, I show the reader how to put a chapter together with the "Fast Forward Writing Technique" that organizes your thoughts and makes it easy to read. It's not about research or how much you know, but how you share it to engage your audience so they will finish it. . Include some questions and answer them in each chapter

  3. Why is knowing my preferred (first) audience so important to know before I start a project?

    The biggest mistake professionals make is to not check out the nine pre-marketing points before they show the world. You need to know your audience for your seminars, teleclasses, web site sales letters, your book, and all the print involved with books and business. For your book, samples of hot-selling point includes a sharp cover and snappy title, audience and the thesis. You need to know what your particular audiences wants and needs, so always think benefits of your offerings.

    Know your preferred audience taken from the chapter on "The Essential Hot Selling Points" is all important for any sale.

    A Quick Writing Exercise:- Dear Audience Letter

    1. book or product title. So, right now, write your title of your book, program or service.

    2. thesis. What is the Number one question it answers for the reader? Wite it now.

    3. Who is your one preferred audience? Write them a short letter on why you are doing this project and what it will do for them. That means your benefits (another Essential Hot Selling Poing)

    A great start! This preplanning makes all the difference on your total picture of the 3 things that make your business go from OK to Outstanding.

    1. great product/service

    2. great selling web site

    3. online article marketing to get people to your site to see more of you

  4. Write short articles from 300-800 words for your Web site (new content), for top web sites and ezine directories. These offer multiple categories that are sure to fit your niche.

    Your targeted audience visits web sites because it wants free information, so give it freely.

    One big benefit: Article writing and submitting is pretty easy because you already have some of the copy from your talks, your books or your programs.

    Another benefit is it's free. You give your articles with your important signature file so people who read it can subscribe to your ezine or visit your site for free articles and more. This has helped your bookcoach stay # 1 in Google.

    TIP: keep your paragraphs short, always include a 1-2 sentence intro with a benefit or hook and a conclusion. Like writing a chapter, articles need a beginning, middle, and end.

    TIP: How-to articles and tips are the favored ones. You can parlay one article into several. 5 Tips to a Positive Relationship" or 3 Tips to Make you Feel Radiant." or "Top Ten Ways to Market your Book or Business Online" People love numbers for easy reading.

  5. Submit your articles to web Sites and article directories

    Benefit: When I submitted around 20, I got new sales to reach $800 in one month, but after submitting regularly with the help of an assistant, my sales grew to nearly $9500 in July of 2006. All from writing articles. That translates to several calls a day about book or internet marketing coaching. People see me as the expert and want to save themselves time and money mistakes. They will see you as the expert as your submit your own articles.

  6. How can I submit to top web sites in my field?

    You need to organize your articles and have the top matter that includes a web bio, description, key words, category and article number ready. Gather 10-15 fresh articles, well edited. Submit multiple articles at a time ( 3-10) to ten sites at a time. Then, send the same articles to the next 10 or so sites at a time. Check with your coach to see what books and training supports this.

  7. How can my web site support my online marketing?

    To up your sales substantially, First, you may need a web site face lift. My third web site is up October 2006. Another new one "Advanced Article Marketing" will follow.. My first copy was not so good. Not enough info (benefits) to help my visitor decide on me.

    To start, know your web sites goals. Write down the three top sellers on your site. Make sure your home page addresses those with a strong headline that leads to the sales letter. Now, you can covert more web sales.

    Put at least one testimonial on your home page, and sprinkle them throughout your sales letters.

    Remember you need a sales letter for each teleclass, seminar, book and program/consulting.

    These seven ways to publicize your business through the written word are all important to any business. Start using them today.

Book and Internet Marketing Coach Judy Cullins helps businesses build clients and sell books. Author of "How to Write your Book Fast" and "The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic," Judy offers free eBook "Book Writing and Marketing Tips" with monthly ezines at


Article Submitted On: May 30, 2007