Top 7 Ways to Get More Business from Your Business Cards

By Diana Ratliff

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  1. Keep it legible. A common tendency is to cram every possible contact number onto your card. The truly essential information is your name, your company name, and your phone number (which should be in bold text, if other numbers are on the card.) The font size should be large enough to be read by the "bifocal crowd".

  2. Remember business card etiquette. Don't pass out cards during a meal, or give them to senior executives or CEOs unless asked. Leave your cards at home during social functions. Instead, ask for permission to contact someone at their place of work, or mail them a card afterwards. And always handle cards you receive with respect.

  3. Design memorable cards. Talk to your printer about printing vertically, adding a photo of you (or your product), or printing complementary information on the back of your card. A very effective strategy is to use fold-over cards to create "mini-brochures." You put your customary contact information on the front and back of the folded card, and use the inside to describe your products and primary benefits.

  4. Try an unusual material or shape. Cards, these days, can be made of wood, metal, and plastic can be perfumed, musical, or edible and can function as phone cards or even complete CDrom presentations.

  5. Stay organized! Jot "memory triggers" on the back of cards your given (date, event, interests or physical characteristics of giver). Develop a system for carrying and collecting business cards, and file them the way you remember them (by company name, persons name, or industry).

  6. Study foreign usage, conventions, and customs if you do business in other countries. Is your card a standard size for that country? Does your slogan translate well? Consider printing a two-sided card. On one side, print your contact information in English. On the other, print your contact information in the primary language of the other country.

  7. Prospect creatively. The way you present your card has far more to do with how (or IF) you are remembered than the card itself. Offering your card with both hands, for example, creates an enormous psychological impact. Consider exchanging cards with like-minded entrepreneurs through business networking groups. Introduce yourself with your card. Include your card with all correspondence. Sign your name (or a brief message) on the front of the card. The possibilities are endless!

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