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Top 7 Ways to Get Free Publicity and More Clients

By Joel Sussman

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One of the disadvantages of traditional marketing is that it often lacks credibility. Why should someone believe you when they know you're trying to sell them something? However, there are free or inexpensive techniques for gaining business-building, positive exposure through a number of channels that may not be occurring to you.

  1. Send out a press release to the media about your business opening, expanding, diversifying, inventing, innovating, partnering, hiring, taking a position, or sponsoring an event.

  2. Suggest feature articles and news story ideas to reporters and editors concerning your field or area of expertise. Offer to be interviewed or to provide quotes for an article.

  3. Make yourself available as a speaker at Chamber of Commerce meetings, professional associations, community groups, and seminars. Announce your speaking engagement to the press in the form of a news release, phone call, email, or post card.

  4. Write a letter to the editor, but avoid taking a controversial position on an issue which could cost you clients. You don't want to alienate people. Make it a practice to read the editorial pages to see what's being written about.

  5. Teach a class at the local community college or continuing adult education program. It's a great way to increase your credibility, visibility, and acquire new clients.

  6. Become a columnist. Speaking of credibility and visibility, if you can arrange with a print or online publication to run a regular column of yours, especially with a photograph and brief bio at the end, you'll gain a lot of valuable, free exposure.

  7. Word of mouth is the best kind of free advertising. Keep focusing on providing exceptional service and going above and beyond what clients expect, and word of mouth advertising and new business from referrals is virtually guaranteed.

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Article Submitted On: May 23, 2006