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Top 7 Ways to Gain Instant Credibility

By Lee McCaskill

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  1. Write a book. There is something that you know better than anyone. Even if you self-publish, an "authored-by" credit will make you stand out as an expert.

  2. Submit a professional article to your industry’s trade publication. Write about new a technology solution or express your views on a trend. Check with the editor about submission guidelines to increase your chances of being published.

  3. Teach a class. Volunteer at your local business college, or sponsor a series of seminars on your own.

  4. Give a speech. Contact your Chamber of Commerce about speaking opportunities in your area of expertise. Polish your presentation skills with your local chapter of Toast Masters.

  5. Invent something. Attach your name to a useful new product or process. Issue a press release about it.

  6. Respond to every media mention of your industry with a letter to the editor expressing your take on the story.

  7. Mentor someone. Providing the benefit of your expertise to newcomers in your industry will cast you as the acknowledged subject-matter authority.

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