Top 7 Ways to Find Distressed Properties

By Mitch Stephen

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Ever wondered how the pros track down those great deals on distressed properties? What is the secret, how do they do it? By following a few simple tips, you can generate the same information these experts have at their finger tips. Read, learn and apply.

  1. Classified Ad “I BUY HOUSES”

  2. FOUNDATION Repair Man

  3. Divorce Notices

  4. Red Tagged Electric Meters

  5. $20 Dollar Bill Business Card

  6. Offer Reward!!!

  7. FREE Moving Van

Mitch Stephen is a master real estate investor. He has purchased or controlled over 1,000 properties since going full time in March of 1996. He is one of the founders of the San Antonio Real Estate Investors Association which recently named their building after him. His most recent ventures http://www.WealthAddress.Com and http://www.Homes2Go.Com websites educate new investors about the power of Internet Marketing with amazing success!

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Mitch_Stephen

Article Submitted On: May 31, 2007