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Top 7 Ways to Fast Forward to More Money

By Belinda Meyer

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Top tips and strategies for the Salon and Spa owner to keep more money in their pocket, attract more clients, get the word out, keep client interested and returning for value-added products and services. Spend your time and money productively.


    You may save money, by finding a cheaper product line, which offers the same results as your previous products. So now you think you deserve that extra cup of coffee a day, which is really unnecessary. It is hard to get ahead with our vanity and desire, that keeps us spending money. The more you make, the more you spend. The moral of the story: to get more money, you need to spend less than your income.


    Secondly donít scatter your powers. Too many salon owners are falling into the trap of offering new and exciting services to their clients in the hope of making more money. Today they buy a sunless spray tanning unit, tomorrow itís a potent anti-wrinkle formulation and next week they are looking at studying a new body work modality. You will miss out on earnings by offering too much. When you knuckle down and focus on your niche, you accomplish twice as much. Your results are superior and you are far more credible when you have a specific profession rather than we do everything. Specialists make more money than generalists.


    Have systems and procedures in place to ensure your business runs smoothly and everyone is giving clients the same treatment. Systems ensure that the standards are clear and the outcome consistently excellent.


    What are the latest beauty and skin care innovations? Are you reading the trade journals and visiting the trade shows? As a specialists you need to have a greater awareness of current activity in the health and beauty field. Your extensive experience will help your clients and your advice and ideas will build client loyalty. With knowledge you help your clients avoid mistakes and steer them to where they will achieve the best outcome.


    Are you getting the word out? You depend on your community for their support. Submit articles to your local paper. Something newsworthy and useful. Think of the article as a seed. You need to sow to reap. Keep advertising. A person may not notice your ad the first time. They see the headline the second time. The third time they read the ad. The fourth and fifth time they think about calling you. The sixth time your advert appears they call. Be consistent and never rely on one means of advertising. Use multiple advertising mediums to inform and persuade potential clients to visit your salon.


    Give your client tender loving care and treat each one like a very important person. Be generous and pay attention to them. Whatever you do, be original, and do it with all your might!


    How much do you invest in yourself, in your personal development and in spa technology? The amount of time and money you invest in yourself and your business will directly relate to your know-how and ultimately to your success.

Belinda Meyer writes for the Salon & Spa industry. She offers helpful information relating to Beauty Therapy, Spa treatments, Skin care and more. Want to learn more?


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Article Submitted On: September 21, 2010