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Top 7 Ways to Earn Money From Your Website/Blog

By Steve Cheng

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The main goal for many webmasters and bloggers usually is to make money from their site. Those who run e-commerce store, the income is generated through selling the different kinds of products/services. For content websites, revenue is generated mainly from advertisements. Below are the different methods of making money with a content based website or blog.

  1. Pay per click advertising

    PPC advertising is obviously one of the most popular methods of generating revenue for both the websites. Google AdSense, Yahoo publisher network and Bidvertiser are the main networks in this category. To make money, you are necessary to join these networks and insert some ad codes on your website. The networks will then automatically show ads that are relevant to the content of your site. When a visitor clicks on any of these ads, you will generate revenue. The money you can make from PPC ads depends greatly on the amount of traffic of your site. The more the traffic, the more the ad clicks will be. It is also having to do with your niche. The niches like finance, debt consolidation, loan, web hosting and etc usually are high paid niches.

  2. CPM advertising

    With CPM advertising networks, payment is received on the basis of the number of impressions, the ad displayed on a site generates. The term CPM (Cost Per Mille) means the cost per 1000 impressions. For example, if an ad or banner is displayed on a blog/site that generates 10,000 page views monthly with the CPM rate $1, the revenue earned will be $10 per month. Some popular CPM networks are Casale Media, Value Click, Tribal Fusion, Advertising.com etc.

  3. Direct advertising

    The most profitable advertising option is to directly sell advertising space on your site or blog. The advantage of direct advertising is that you can set your own rates. It also helps to cut down middlemen commissions.

  4. Affiliate marketing

    This is also another very popular earning opportunity for webmasters and bloggers. It involves selling products and services for a commission. Some reputed affiliate networks are ClickBank, Commission Junction, Link Share etc.

  5. Sponsored reviews

    This earning opportunity is aimed at blogs. The blog owners are required to write sponsored posts on different topics. Some of the reputed paid blogging networks are PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe, Smorty, BlogVertise etc.

  6. Private forums -- Some websites have private forums which charge a monthly fee for accessing the same. For example, SEO Blackhat charges $100/month from it's members.

  7. Job boards and market places

    Some popular blogs and websites have started their own job boards. The revenue is earned from new job listings. Some sites are also running their own market places where members can buy, sell or trade different products. A small fee can be charged for each listing.

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Article Submitted On: March 01, 2011