Top 7 Ways to Create and Avalanche of Traffic with Your Web Articles

By Scott Patterson

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One of the most popular ways to market an online business is by writing web articles. Unfortunately because of this growing popularity, many webmasters are discovering that it is getting more difficult to get ezines and directories to publish their work. As a result, this hurts their web-traffic and ultimately their bottom-line. So how can you ensure that your articles will reach the maximum amount of potential web visitors? The secret is to market your articles like you would with every other facet of your online business. It is important to be proactive and build momentum on your articles. Below I list a few simple ways that you can do this:

  1. Submit to Article Directories:

    The best place to initially submit your articles are to Article Directories. Since many publishers of websites, blogs, and ezines frequent these sites, your article will be quickly exposed to people who have a large amount of traffic.

  2. Contact Article Lists:

    After submitting to article directories, you should then submit your work to article lists. If you are not familiar with them, article lists are newsletters on Yahoo and Topica that allow you to email your article directly to publishers of web content. When a submission comes from an article list, publishers are more inclined to trust the article and use the material.

  3. Search through Ezine Directories:

    Once you have submitted your article to directories and mailing lists, you should then focus on contacting individual publishers. The first group you should contact are the publishers of ezines that are related to your topic. You can locate these individuals on ezine directory websites. Most of the time these sites will list contact information and whether the publisher accepts articles. Then all you have to do is email each one and ask them to publish your article.

  4. Contact Individual Websites:

    Another great place to submit your articles are to the individual websites related to your topic. Since these sites focus on providing valuable information to their readers, you can easily persuade them publish your work. To avoid wasting a lot of unnecessary work, you should only contact sites where the readers would have an interest in the topic of your article.

  5. Email Old Publishers:

    After writing a few articles, you will notice that they are used by many webmasters and ezine publishers. A great way to quickly get out a new article is to contact them and see if they want to publish your content. Usually these individuals are more likely to use your article, because they have already shown trust in your writing.

  6. Give the Article to your Affiliates:

    If you run an affiliate-program, you can help your affiliates by giving them your articles as a way to help promote your site. When you contact your affiliates, let them know that they can substitute your link with theirs in the resource box of the article. That way, they are given a monetary incentive to use your web article.

  7. Create an Article RSS Feed:

    If you have enough articles, you can create an RSS Feed that people can use for their website. Then every time you create an article, you post it on your RSS feed and the subscribing websites have new content for their visitors. By utilizing RSS feeds for article distribution, you can easily expose your article to thousands of potential website visitors.

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Article Submitted On: October 18, 2005