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Top 7 Ways to Create a Bidding War On Your House

By Joshua Ferris

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In any market you're bound to have competition from other homeowners and builders who want or need to sell their home quickly. So in today's market where it seems to be a small miracle each time a home sells you'll need all the help you can get. Luckily there are still ways you can make your home stand out from the crowd and, if your house really stands out, maybe even create a bidding war among buyers. Here's how to do it:

  1. Replace the appliances.

    Many colors and tones have come and gone to replace the always high end stainless steel look to appliances but it's not changing anytime soon. If you have aging or heavily used appliances in your home then now is the time to replace them with commercial looking stainless steel appliances. Buyers will love you for what they see as you absorbing the cost to keep your home up to date and you'll love that their offer is much closer to asking price.

  2. Bring in an interior designer or stager to evaluate wall colors.

    Does each room in your house give a new clue about your personality? If so, your home may be a bit too personalized. Consult with a design professional to evaluate the wall colors in your home and see if there are any spots where you can improve the value of your home by making the walls more neutral.

  3. Edit and clean up your landscape.

    We've all been there. A few weeds and one busy season later, your garden has turned into the amazon. Take out dying or out of place looking plants and flowers in favor of a more cohesive flow. The strongest return on your landscaping dollar will be plantings and walkways leading up to the front door.

  4. Get the carpets cleaned professionally.

    The smell, or lack thereof, of clean carpets will keep home buyers happy as they walk through your home. Even deals on million dollar homes fall through because the new buyers simply couldn't deal with the light carpet odors or uneven wear patterns in the carpet. Get them cleaned and/or replaced and watch buyers fall head over heels for your fluffy abode.

  5. Refinish any high traffic hardwood floor areas.

    Another floor surface that often goes overlooked, hardwood floors that show heavy wear are a major headache for buyers. If you opted for hardwood in your foyer and hallways that are used frequently then you should have them sanded and refinished before going on the market.

  6. Finish your garage space completely.

    Many times the garage can be reused as a storage space or work shop. Spend the money now to cover up the rafters and beams with finished walls and you will see offer prices increase across the board.

  7. Paint your front door red.

    Oh, that red front door. Red front doors have positive meanings ranging from feng shui to religious tie-ins and as a sign of prosperity. The simple truth: Red doors make your home more appealing to a wider demographic of buyers.

Joshua Ferris is an associate real estate broker in New York who assists buyers and sellers looking for new homes. Learn more about popular Hudson Valley real estate like Brighton Green Newburgh by visiting the aforementioned links.

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Article Submitted On: May 18, 2009