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Top 7 Ways to Choose an Air Blower Online Of the Best Quality

By Alan Cory

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An air blower is a hand held tool which is used in a wide range of applications starting from drying to removal of paints and varnishes. The versatile nature of air blowers make them suitable for usage in a wide range of applications at home, workshops and factory settings. To make sure that the air blower which you buy online is of best quality, you will have to pay attention to a number of factors. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Make Up Your Mind About the Type of Blower You Require
    Air blowers available online are of different types and are meant to be used in different types of applications. Some of them are mentioned below:-

    Electric handheld air blowers - If you find it difficult to use a model with an electrical outlet and extension cord, then an electric handheld air blower which requires no power source will be ideal for you. They are highly efficient in cleaning driveways and sidewalks of gardens.

    Cordless/rechargeable air blowers - These models come with the best characteristics of both electric and gas air blowers. They are powered by a battery and are charged by plugging into them. They operate without a cord.

    Gas-powered air blowers - Handheld air blowers of all types require a bit of strength and coordination. The gas powered versions require fuel replenishment also. However, these blowers are easier to move since they do not have a cord.

    Backpack air blowers - This type of blowers are gas-powered and are specifically designed for be carried on the users back. Therefore the users hands stay free for using the nozzle.

    Push/Self-propelled air blowers - These blowers are similar to push lawn mowers. The operator has to stand at the back of the machine and push it for blowing leaves away. They have more power but are quite costly.

  2. Speed of Air Delivery

    All types of air blowers are rated on the basis of their air speed. The higher the air speed, the greater will be the power and weight of the blower. A number of air blowers come with an in-built air speed variability.

  3. Type of Nozzle

    Air blowers usually come with round or flat nozzles. The ones which come with a flat nozzle usually have a higher air rate as compared to air blowers with round nozzles.

  4. Cord Length
    If you intend to buy an electrical handheld air blower, then it will be the cord length which will decide how far it can reach out without supplementary extension cords. You will have to measure your yard and find the outdoor plug-ins to find out the area you will need to reach out to.

  5. Check the Maintenance Level

    All types of air blowers require some sort of maintenance, including daily cleaning. Before you buy one, find out what is recommended and decide whether you can handle the maintenance process on your own or not.

  6. Run Time
    This feature indicates how long a cordless blower can operate before you will have to recharge its battery.

  7. Weight of Blower
    Last but not the least comes the weight factor. You will have to take this into consideration if you are going to use the air blower over a large work area.

The author has deep interest in all types of hand tools including air blowers. He contributes to well-known publications periodically. His other areas of interest into lightings, safety products, power tools etc.

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Article Submitted On: March 30, 2017