Top 7 Ways to Build an Internet Marketing 'Mean' Money-Making Machine

By Everett Norris

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First, join a program or two where you not only earn a referral commission on your own efforts but, make sure that you are paid a nice commission on these peoples' sales efforts too! Two tier marketing programs or multilevel marketing programs will fulfill this requirement.

Seven factors that must be present to make it work:

  1. Your sign ups must be able to duplicate the system. Are their proven ads and/or banners and text links ready for them to put in action?

  2. The program(s) you join must be low cost. I like 1-time pay programs and/or low annual fee programs.

  3. The 'Learning Curve' to understanding your program(s) must be in a range from ...Simple to dull!

  4. Of course, the product being promoted must have real value and be desirable to a large targeted audience.

  5. The 'enrollment process' must be completely automated with instant online sign up available.

  6. The program should be supported by a downline building club or better yet, its own little fast pace 1x3 or 2x2 forced matrix feeder program with placement into the core program and re-entry into the feeder program each time you cycle.

  7. Last but not least, you need sources of low to 'no cost' advertising for mass exposure to be successful! Of course, the Internet is full of such sources! Do these sources really work? My personal results produced 200 recruits in just 107 days using these sources! For my personal list of nearly 40,000 free ad sources, simply send me an email:

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Everett Norris
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Article Submitted On: August 11, 1999