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Top 7 Ways to Build a Multi Million Dollar Business

By Sade Diya

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If you are a Small Business owner or an Entrepreneur, you already know how difficult it is to break through from 'Small Business' to Big. Yet its not impossible, several people have done it. So what can you do to move to the next level and start playing in the big leagues? Here are seven simple and proven ways:

  1. By Association.

    Find out who the big players in your field are. What makes them tick? Associate with them. Emulate them.

  2. Make Radical Changes.

    To do something new, you have to be prepared to try something new. Don't be stuck in your old ways of doing things. Be ready and willing to make radical changes to the way you run your business.

  3. Don't Be Afraid To Spend Money.

    Freebies are great, but if you are serious about exploding your business, you must be prepared to spend money to position yourself in the right places and make things happen. Attend business building seminars, invest in quality books. Use your money as a tool and invest in yourself.

  4. Get Help.

    Don't be an island. Get a qualified person to help you in your ambitions - Get a business mentor or hire a business coach, or both.

  5. Join A Mastermind Group.

    Nowadays, you are no longer limited to your immediate geographical locations for this. In fact, online Mastermind Groups can be more effective. Do your research and link up with an online Business Mastermind that can put you in touch with Experts who will help you flesh out your ideas and plans.

  6. Take Action.

    Don't be an information junkie. There are lots of great information out there, but if you don't act on what you know, how will you benefit from it?

  7. Start Small And Build Up!

    Don't be afraid to start small. Once you start, keep that momentum going and build up rapidly. Remember the proverbial journey of a thousand miles. You must press through to achieve breakthrough.

Sade Diya is an International Business and Success Coach, CEO of Transition to Success and Founder of Success Builders, an online global community of wealth builders. For more information please visit http://www.transitiontosuccess.com

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Article Submitted On: February 03, 2005