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Top 7 Ways to Boost your Internet Traffic!

By David Roth

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You know what they say, its all about location, location, location! That's true on the internet also. If you have the prettiest website in the world, it doesn't matter if you aren't getting the visitors! Here are 7 ways you can quickly improve your rankings and get traffic to your site!

  1. Submit to Search Engines-I know, I know..sounds basic, right? You'd be surprised at how many small businesses haven't even done that! Its an easy process, just go to the major search engines and search for "add URL" and then submit your site. If you have important secondary pages, add those as well.

  2. Provide Awesome Content-Most websites want to sell you something. Warm up your customers by providing great content and they'll be more likely to make a purchase.

  3. Post on Relevant Message Boards-It doesn't have to be spam, but put your site in your signature and show off your knowledge by answering some of the posts. You'll get a lot of visitors when they realize you know something!

  4. Submit to Directories-Many are free, but more and more there are the paid directories. The one benefit of the paid directories is that your site will be reviewed quicker than a free site.

  5. Write an Article-Then post it to a site like this! Its a great way to show off your knowledge. Who knows? Others might like it so much they will put it on their site.

  6. Advertise Offline-Business cards, signage, in your yellowpage ads, and on your voicemail.

  7. Tell people!-EVERYONE! Let them know about your site. Have them check it out!

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Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=David_Roth

Article Submitted On: February 27, 2006