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Top 7 Ways that Safety Boots Protect industrial workers

By Alan Cory

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Safety boots or gum boots can provide enough amount of protection to your foot so that that chances of any accidental hazard can be averted. Safety boots with steel toes come with reinforced toes that act as an important protective equipment required by industrial workers for foot protection.

Safety Benefits of Safety Boots

Wearing protective Hillson gumboots at the workplace can protect your feet from different kinds of debilitating injuries caused because of the below mentioned hazards:

  1. Punctures

    When buying safety shoes online you must ensure that they are made of thick materials with heavy duty soles so that they can offer good protection to the feet in case you step on any sharp object.

  2. Falling Objects

    When working in industrial units or construction sites, falling and flying objects are deemed as a common hazards for causing injury. The busy and dynamic work environment of such places often calls for a steel toe boots that can prevent crushing injuries to the feet.

  3. Electrical Hazards

    Shocks and accumulation of static electricity can be dangerous at workplaces. A good quality safety gumboot can be a great protection measure for protection under these conditions. The one’s made from non-conductive materials like rubber or leather can help in reducing the amount of static on the body coming from the static electricity build up.

  4. Slips & Falls

    Incidents of slip, trip and falls are pretty common at industrial units and construction sites. Use of proper footwear with ample traction can provide adequate protection to workers foot when they are climbing ladders, walking on slippery trails, etc. A well fitted protection gumboot can also improve balance thus reducing falls.

  5. Burns

    Burns are not caused by fire only, there are other hazards as well that can lead to burns at a workplace. Chemicals and other inflammatory workplace materials can also lead to burns. Footwear made from durable and anti-inflammatory materials can provide protection against chemical burns, molten metals, etc.

  6. Fatigue

    Fatigue can cause great problem to workers who need to stand all day at work, especially on hard surfaces like concrete. A the feet start growing tired, the pain can go up to back and legs thus causing fatigue. The good quality safety boots come with arch support and adequate cushioning which relieves muscle strain and prevents health disorders like back pain.

  7. Muscle Tension

    Long standing hours may lead to chronic back pain to the employees, which will begin with a discomfort in feet and lead up to the back portion. A very well supported pair of safety shoes not only releases tension of the foot but also gives immense support so that the worker can stand, walk and sit in those shoes comfortably throughout the day. Safety shoes with supportive inner soles reduce pain in the ankle which is often a common cause of discomfort for employees.

Alan Cory has been writing about the personal protective equipment for industrial workers for a very long time and has got a great knowledge of the industrial safety boots. With his writings about safety shoes she helps workers make an informed decision about which safety shoes to buy online.

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Article Submitted On: March 31, 2017