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Top 7 Ways on How to Judge a Good Essay Example

By Loise Kellinson

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the same thing goes when it comes to judging a good essay example. People have different preferences when reading and so it is up to the writer to make sure that what he or she produces can suit the tastes of the majority. One cannot please everybody, but when it comes to essays, it is recommended that it must be appreciated by the larger number of readers.

A good essay example has certain characteristics that when fulfilled can make it desirable and interesting to read. These factors in reviewing an example of an essay range from how neat it appears how it conforms to the rules of spelling and grammar, and how much correct information it conveys. The key point here is impression, impression, and impression.

So, read on for five useful ways to review an essay example:

  1. Consider overall appearance.

    Step one is basically taking a first glance at the whole essay. Every essay example has its own unique look and this spells first impression. Does it look disorganized? Do the paragraphs appear too heavily? If the answers are yes, then it is time for an overhaul.

  2. Check your pulse if you are mesmerized by the title.

    If the title catches attention, then it gives the readers a reason to move on and read the content. If the title appears uninteresting already, then do not expect for attention.

  3. Examine the content’s relevance to the title.

    The content should be in lieu with the topic. The content will be completely useless if it is off-topic. Remember, the readers will continue to read based on what they understand about the title of the essay example.

  4. Check if the opening sentence takes your breathe away.

    Now that the title has captured the senses, it is the task of the first sentences or words to make sure the reading of the essay example will push through. This part should not necessarily be about what the essay example will be discussing, the title already does that job, but it can be a strong opinion or known cliché or a connection to recent events.

  5. An essay example that is free from grammar and error mistakes is a good sign.

    Yes, nothing and nobody is perfect, but that is why editing exists in producing an essay. A content that is bombarded by violations in spelling and grammar rules reflects a half-finished or rushed essay example. This will take away the substance of the essay and most will just throw it out of the window.

  6. Make sure the summary actually summarizes

    Most tend to set aside writing a summary for their essay examples and although this is not a requirement, it is ideal and again, recommended. However, the summary should actually give an overview of the essay will be talking about.

  7. Give out samples that apply to a general audience AND for niche topics.

    What's important here is the range of essay examples that you plan to display. The samples should not only serve specific group, but everyone as much as possible.

Loise Kellinson is a former communication director for a small publishing company in North Dakota. Currently, she is a senior copy editor for essay examples for a book publishing company in Colorado.

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Article Submitted On: January 14, 2009