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Top 7 Ways of Making Employees Safe on a Construction Site

By Chris Miller

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When you own a residential or commercial construction company, it is a given that you will send your crew to various locations to do the job. While some of the job sites are safer than the others, some can be very dangerous. Here is a list of top 7 ways of making employees safe on a construction site that would make the life of a project in charge or manager much easier.

  1. Never Underestimate the PPE
    It is your responsibility to ensure that every person on a site is wearing personal protective equipment at all times. Wearing basic equipment like sturdy boots, hat and eye protecting goggles is a boon for safety. Additional equipment can be added on oneís person if the job role requires it.

  2. Never Underestimate Induction
    As there is a lot of skill shortage in the construction services industry, it often becomes necessary to hire complete novices for a job. In case you have hired a newbie, you should ensure that the person gets a proper induction and is briefed on all the safety rules and procedures. Prevention is better than cure so you must not skip this step.

  3. Ensure there is No Mess
    When there is mess or debris on a construction site, chances are high that an accident might occur as someone might slip or trip. So, every member of your team should be trained to clean up after a job is done rather than leaving the mess to be picked after the end of the shift. Adding clean rooms is also a smart option.

  4. Add Signs
    Another vital thing is to add appropriate safety signs everywhere on the site. It will not only keep the employees safe, it will also ensure that no one who is not authorized enters the restricted area accidentally. Never try to save money on these signboards and move them to another location until the work is done. You can also test the awareness levels of the workers by asking them what a sign means randomly to ensure that they know about all the signs.

  5. Provide Access Cards
    You should ensure that every senior member of your construction company has an access card that allows them to go in dangerous areas and near the dangerous equipment. A new worker should never be allowed to operate a heavy machine like a crane until that person is trained and passes a test. There should be a guard present on the site 24 by 7 to ensure that no one without an access card can access the dangerous areas of the site.

  6. Seek Report of Incidents
    Minor cuts & scrapes and near misses are part of the job and everyone working for a commercial construction firm knows it. But only a few managers or job bosses understand the importance of not ignoring a problem. If any equipment is not working properly or someone was just saved from falling off a great height, you should ensure that the problems are rectified. The sooner you solve the problem, the lesser would be the chances of an accident.

  7. Answer all Queries
    Finally, you should remember to be patient and try to answer all the safety related queries of everyone working for your construction company. If you donít have the time, you can assign a safety officer to ensure that every query is answered. When the employees feel hesitant in asking questions the chances of their being safe deplete so you should ensure everyone feels free to ask questions and no one is shunned for asking questions.

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Article Submitted On: February 16, 2017