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Top 7 Ways You Can Save Money In Your Home Based Business

By DeAnna Spencer

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When you are running your own business, especially in the startup phase, it is crucial that you manage your money well. Here are a few strategies that I use in my own business to save money.

  1. 1. Print your own business cards.

  2. 2. Buy used equipment.

  3. 3. Buy in bulk.

  4. 4. Barter

  5. 5. Market yourself using other people's seminars, conferences, networking events, etc. (especially if they are free.)

  6. 6. Use the store brand (Office Depot Paper instead
    of Avery).

  7. 7. Once your business cards are printed on cardstock
    that you have bought in bulk, cut them yourself using
    a paper cutter.


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