Top 7 Ways You Can Make Your Workplace More Charitable

By Alice Marshall

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Itís unlikely youíll find anyone that doesnít feel good when giving to charity. Even small donations can make a difference and itís nice knowing youíre helping those in needs. As a business, you have the ability to work together and raise bigger amounts of money, which you can build a friendly brand around that gives back and promotes goodwill. With so many charities and a number of things you can do to raise funds, why not consider these ways to make your workplace more charitable.

  1. Get Baking
    Who doesnít enjoy a sweet treat at work? By introducing a bake sale or ĎGreat British Break Offí style competition, the enthusiasm will be at an all time high to get involved with spongey cake as the prize. Whether you select one charity youíre passionate about across the whole business or choose a different one each time, the money you make from selling scrummy slices and cute cupcakes can be donated to charity. Youíll feel good not only because of full tummies, but because youíve helped a great cause.

  2. Sponsor Your Co-Workers
    Every year at least one employee is bound to send around that Just Giving page or stick up a sponsorship form. Whether theyíre doing a fun run or running a marathon, many do these activities with the outlook to not only make a personal accomplishment, but also to make a bit of money for charity. Aside from giving Angie a tenner, why not also consider bringing together a team of peers who can strive to work together towards their own sponsored event that the whole company can get behind?

  3. Promote Local Volunteering
    Whether the company takes out an afternoon each week to give back to the local community, or you promote paid time off for an employee to spend a couple of hours doing charity work, it all comes down to each businessí own financial capabilities. Especially in small businesses, however, you canít underestimate the power of building a company brand that is known locally for giving back and doing good. From helping at soup kitchens to assisting at food banks or simply going out and buying a hot drink for the homeless. Shaping your companyís brand around doing charity work is going to give your community something that sticks in their mind.

  4. Give Profits to Charity
    Any little bit donated to a charity organisation is always going to be hugely appreciated. If youíre keen to create an ethos in your business around raising money for good causes, why not give a percentage of your profits to charity. Choose to give periodically either yearly or monthly and make it the framework for your business. Take My Favourite Voucher Codes for instance. Every month they run a poll where their customers can vote for the charity they want to receive the donation. At the end of each month, My Favourite Voucher Codes then donates 20% of their profits to the charity with the most votes.

  5. Run a Charity Drive
    What better way to promote giving to charity than literally giving away items you no longer want? Organise charity drives a few times a year and give a selection of items to organisations in need. From food to clothing, as well as collection of womenís items like sanitary products that can be given to womenís shelters. From sorting out those things the back of your wardrobe you no longer like, to popping a few extra bits into your trolley as you whizz around the supermarket. Itís likely your employees have always thought about doing it but never got around to actually organising those bits and bobs thatíll go a long way. By orchestrating a work charity drive, itíll be the push your peers need.

  6. Instate a Collection Jar
    Whether people want to get rid of their loose change or youíre thinking about policing the swearing going on in the office, why not instate a collection jar? You could even have an honesty pot in the kitchen where employees can make a donation towards the sugar, milk, bread, butter or whatever other communal products they use. Promote each employee paying their way by putting a note to say that the money collected will go towards a chosen charity. No only does this promote goodwill in the sense of helping raise money for a good cause, but also honesty in your employees to pay their way for food items.

  7. Add the Option of Payroll Giving
    Designed more specifically for those businesses looking to help one charity every month, why not give employees the option to opt-in to give a set amount of their wages to charity each month? Anything from £1-£10 can be taken from their payslip each month and function as a kind of tax so they wonít even see it leaving their bank account.

Alice is a writer and bargain hunter for My Favourite Voucher Codes Between reading, blogging, sipping on prosecco and cuddling her cat, she has dreams of the big city lights and travelling the world.

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Article Submitted On: April 20, 2018