Top 7 Ways To Write Effective Memos, Letters And Ad Copy

By Jeff Morris

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  1. Know your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your message? Be specific and keep your copy focused on your intended reader.

  2. What action do you want the reader to take? Attend the party or meeting? Buy your product or use your service? Unless you have a clear cut goal, don't waste people's time with memos, letters and copy.

  3. Avoid cliches and superlatives. Instead, paint a picture or tell a story that will draw the reader to your point of view or will inspire the desired action.

  4. Realize that although you are attempting to reach a specific audience, the personalities of readers vary. Include just enough technical information to satisfy the reader who need to see data to make a decision. Include a few quotes from "experts" or well known figures for those who base decisions on what others are doing, and descriptions of the benefits for those who like to "feel good" about themselves.

  5. When you write the first draft, write everything that comes to mind. Pour your heart out. Then go back and edit with a heavy hand. Eliminate everything that isn't essential to your copy, isn't directly related to your target market, or interrupts the readable flow - logical progression - of your copy.

  6. Once you're comfortable with the body of the copy, add a brief, attention getting first sentence that will grab the reader's interest. Once you have their attention, you must keep them reading. Add hooks and curiosity arousing phrases through-out the body of the copy, like, "But wait, there's more." "Now comes the good part."

  7. As you re-read your finished product, be certain that what you have written will get the desired results. Re-work your copy until you are sure. You only get one chance to make a first impression on a reader. Don't waste the opportunity.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Jeff_Morris

Article Submitted On: November 05, 1998