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Top 7 Ways To Utilize Your Domains

By Jimsun Lui

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Today, domain registration is still a lucrative business, and more and more companies are entering into this field. It reflects the fact that the demand is very high. Also, domain names are not restricted to .com, .net, and .org. New and trendy domains like .cc, .tv, .fm, etc. have emerged. It is not uncommon that a person holds several domain names. You may ask: "Why? If I have only one Web site, one domain name is enough. Why do I need several domain names?" Now, let me tell you why you need more than one domain name.

  1. You can buy an extra domain and host it somewhere for the purpose of developing keyword-rich content pages that point to your main site. You can use this extra domain to experiment with new techniques without risking your main business Web site.

  2. You can buy some extra domain names where each of them is devoted to a high potential affiliate program.

  3. You can buy domain names similar to your business name to avoid competitors owning them and tainting your business by using these domain names. For example, if you own a domain name called domainname.com, you can buy domainnames.com, domainnames.net, domainnames.tv, etc. If you let someone buy domainnames.com, is this person engaging in unethical business? Do you think it has an adverse effect on your Web site domainname.com?

  4. You can buy some extra domain names to develop some simple sub-sites. Each of these sub-sites has a link pointing to your main business Web site. It can improve your link popularity, which is a more and more important criterion of how search engines rank Web sites. In addition, each of these sub-sites can serve your Web site promotion purpose, e.g., a sub-site can be used for a banner exchange, and another one can be used for a link exchange.

  5. Given that you can secure a domain name ranging from US$19 to US$35 nowadays, you can use it as a freebie for your customers. I can say that it will be welcomed by your customers if your site is related to Webmasters and home-based business.

  6. Though it is much more difficult today, you can still buy some meaningful domain names and sell them to make profit. Do you remember the price of business.com? In addition, there are many domain name brokers helping you sell domain names, therefore, it is not as difficult as you think.

  7. If you sell a variety of different products, for example, you sell books and Web hosting. Then, it is quite difficult to put them in one Web site because it is quite difficult to promote your business. Then, you can buy extra domain names for your main products. Thus, each of your products has a separate Web site. It makes each Web site more focused and helps you in product promotion and brand building.

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Article Submitted On: October 23, 2000