Top 7 Ways To Successfully Sabotage That Great Idea Of Yours

By Malcolm Harvey

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I'm sure that you can recall many times when you have had a brainwave, a bolt from the sky, a sudden idea or an intrusion that you never brought to fruition for any number of reasons.

Maybe you initially thought the idea was so brilliant that it seemed to be the answer you have been looking for, but still nothing came of it.

Why is it that some people appear to be able to get novel ideas and create terrific success for themselves whilst others (the majority) seem to flounder before they ever get started?

Is it that they are more intelligent or more "lucky" than the average person, or is there some mysterious secret to which they are party to?

The answer is no. We all have the same ability to create our own success using our own original ideas. It's just that most of us don't have the belief in those ideas or don't have the confidence to stick with them.

There are many ways to sabotage our ideas, for example:

  1. Dissect the idea piece by piece, but not know when to stop.

    If you are anything like me, you would examine the idea as if under a microscope, subjecting it to the "what if?" question until you find something minutely wrong that causes you to say "Ah ha, I knew the idea won't work." Obviously, there is a certain amount of examination that needs to be done, but it shows a lack of commitment if your enthusiasm deflates at the first sign of a potential problem.

  2. Share the idea with others who are not qualified to pass comment.

    This is dangerous territory if you are just starting out with a new idea. Many potential world-changing ideas have been shattered by well-meaning and "loving" criticism. It is best that you keep the idea to yourself until you have built up enough reserves to face all those Doubting Thomases.

  3. Become too intrigued with the idea.

    It is so easy to "not see the wood for the trees." In other words, to become so close to the idea that you miss the obvious flaws that might exist. Develop a macro/micro vision, see the detail and also the overall picture.

  4. Dismiss the idea out of hand.

    Bah! It will never work! How do you know until you tried it out? Many of the greatest ideas seemed barmy at the time they were conceded. Learn to be open minded and patient to see if the idea has potential.

  5. It's been thought of before!

    You can bet your bottom dollar that someone, somewhere has thought of your idea before. However, that does not mean that it's been acted upon. Therefore, you could be the first one to actually develop it into something tangible.

  6. Play Devil's Advocate with the idea.

    Sometimes it is a good practice to think the idea over from a different prospective, but not to the extent that you destroy it through over-questioning.

  7. Think that the idea is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Maybe the idea is a world-beater, but you must be realistic in your thinking. Be careful not to let your ego get carried away, or you will set yourself up for a fall.

    Bonus Tips

    • Think that the idea has no merit.

      This is the opposite of number 6 above. Humility is a powerful thing, but remember you are just as capable of thinking great ideas as the best of them.

    • Go ahead with the idea without sufficient preparation first.

      Do your homework. Find out background information, do some research. Persevere and when you have a solid foundation then show it to the world. Who knows? People might even pay you for it!

    The universe is full of great ideas just looking for someone to take and carry them though to fruition. If you learn to open your mind with an expectant heart, you will receive all the ideas that you desire.

    Be very careful how you handle those gemstones. For in a flash they come, but equally in a flash they can go again.

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Article Submitted On: April 26, 2000