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Top 7 Ways To Succeed In The Speaking Business

By Sandra Schrift

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How attractive are you as a speaker? Not your looks but your consistent ability to provide a quality presentation, attract clients, and be irresistibly attractive to meeting planners and speaker bureaus? Below are some useful tips that I learned while owning a national professional speakers bureau for 13 years.

  1. Presentation ­- do you have something interesting, inspiring, and useful to share with audiences? Be mindful of your voice (keep it deep and low-pitched), your personality and attitude (positive), your tone (soft, loud, encouraging as needed), your style, your vocabulary.

  2. Connection -­ how quickly do you get to the core of your audience’s problems and challenges. Skip what is between their ears and go straight to their hearts.

  3. Passion ­- do you love what you do? Develop a niche or specialty that you truly enjoy and are good at.

  4. Network -­ enhance your speaking career by networking with 50 or more other speakers. They become your referral sources. Join the National Speakers Association, a 4,000-member organization that holds conferences and has local chapters to help you with your marketing skills and networking. Call 480-968-2552 (Arizona).

  5. Products ­- write a book, booklet(s), create audio tapes, video tapes, CD/ROM. Having products will catapult your speaking career and make you more valuable to your clients. This "passive" income is like having frosting on the cake.

  6. Value added ­- become known as a value added speaker. Provide handouts, attend the cocktail reception before your program, stay after your speech, offer follow-up teleclasses, offer your consulting services, be a facilitator.

  7. Hire a Coach -­ The Olympic Games remind us that a world-class athlete is surrounded by a number of people whose function is to keep him/her on track. No serious athlete or professional speaker would expect to progress very far without a COACH.

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Article Submitted On: October 09, 2000