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Top 7 Ways To Succeed If Your Energy Level Is Low

By Malcolm Harvey

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We all have those times when everything seems to be just too much. You feel stuck in a rut, for every one step forward you slip two steps back, and the light at the end of the tunnel gets a bit blurred. Nothing appears to be going right!

Reading "inspirational" books, that is if you can even pick one up, makes things worst.

You see other people in your company get promotions ahead of you even when you are the one with the dreams! You struggle to balance the household budget but end up getting even further into debt.

I started on this journey to success and everyone else seems to be doing better than me! Why is life so cruel? Give me a break!

Why are you feeling so sorry for yourself? What did you expect -- that it would be easy!?

The fact is that when you started to reach out for your dreams, you stepped out of your comfort zone. You started to break down the "tribal bonds" that held you within the "majority."

There is an awful lot to learn if you desire to realize your true potential and life has a way in which it teaches those that are willing to acquire that wisdom.

OK, there are ways to short-circuit the system and there are always escape routes if you really want one. But the object of the game is to succeed.

What you have to decide is if you really want the goal you have set for yourself? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal? And are you being totally honest with yourself?

It does not matter if your goal is to open a small corner grocery store or to be the president of the World Bank. The same principles of long-term commitment apply.

For many of us, the transition between where we are and where we want to go may require the un-learning of loads of thought patterns and habits, and the learning of completely new methods of application. This can be extremely uncomfortable and despairing at times.

Experiences are usually the way that life knocks this "wisdom" into our heads. So don't be dismayed when things are a bit rough -- after all -- you asked for it!

So, when you feel like a "slug in a puddle"...

  1. Be very clear in your objectives.

    Be sure that you have written your goals down. It's no good having abstract desires floating around in the ether of your mind! Written goals can be referred to daily if necessary to remind you of the paradise island whilst you are in the swamp.

  2. Know that you have the ability to achieve your objectives.

    You were born to succeed. The universe has ordained each one of us to achieve our full potential if only we would suppress our egos and allow our real selves to come to the fore.

  3. Realize that your dominating thoughts will affect your actions.

    The classic saying goes "You are what you think"; so guard your thoughts carefully. However, life is mostly guesswork. You will usually guess more or less right, and sometimes you'll guess wrong. When you guess wrong, don't react -- love your mistakes and don't beat yourself up.

  4. Demand of yourself the discipline of action.

    Action is the key. Not giant leaps but small consistent movement. Even if you feel as though everything you do turns to mud, there will be an end to this road you are currently traveling. However, don't be tempted to turn back.

  5. Think, visualize, fantasize and dream. Dare to dream a little. Feel the emotion of achieving that goal. Imagine what it feels like knowing that you cannot fail! There is no such thing as failure -- only learning experiences.

  6. Let go of the results.

    Stress is caused by your subconscious expectancy. Don't put false time barriers in the way. After all, who are you to know what's the best for you? In fact, the more you evolve and expand, the more unpredictable life becomes. The less certain you are, the higher you have climbed. If you allow it, a sense of awe will take over -- that is if you shut up for long enough!

  7. Help others.

    Get off your "me me" trolley and share your good fortunes with others. You have an awful lot to give even if you feel in the pits at the moment. The sooner you redirect your mind away from yourself, the sooner your own problems will be solved.


    • Allow change.

      It is our expectancy that stuffs us up and causes us pain, not the circumstances. We expect the best, but we must learn not to react when we don't get what we want. If you are diligent, concentrate and take the right action, you'll most likely always get the best result. But you must love life and accept it when it doesn't go your way.

    • Just do it! What have you got to lose?

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Article Submitted On: October 25, 2000