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Top 7 Ways To Remain Focused

By Malcolm Harvey

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Single-minded determination is not something that many of us can honestly say that we have on a regular basis.

There might be the odd moments of concentrated "will-power" or flashes of inspired effort, but for most of us, lack of confidence, confusion or simply information overload causes us to be easily distracted from our path.

When faced with two equally attractive opportunities, have you ever lost energy pursuing both at the same time with the inevitable consequence of neither of them panning out?

Do you remember doing your homework in front of the TV or listening to the radio? Your focus and attention may not have been at its highest level, a fact born out the next day when you panicked to correct all the mistakes or to complete the assignment.

Focus is a discipline that most of us find hard to maintain for any length of time, yet it is a vital ingredient in the journey to success.

Without focus your effort will only be half-hearted, your attention span short and your concentration ineffective. You will lose enthusiasm, confusion will set in and your dreams will suffer.

Even when our initial ideas showed so much potential, we invariably find ourselves distracted by the opinions of others and self-doubt can set in.

So, how can we ensure that we remain focused on one thing at a time?

  1. Make a decision

    Examine all the options that are immediately open to you. In other words, weigh the pros and cons of each possibility but don't confuse yourself with too many choices.

    Then make a decision, make it your own, make it work and die by it.

  2. Develop macro/micro vision

    Focus on the detail -- keeping the overall picture in mind. Don't get so absorbed in what you are doing that you miss the obvious flaws in the plan.

  3. Determine the intended outcome

    Decide at the beginning what you are aiming at so you have a reason for your focus. Trying to focus on a general "wish list" will dull your vision, causing you to become frustrated and confused. You can always modify your direction later.

  4. Pledge your concentrated effect

    Make a commitment to yourself that you will not give up. Be totally honest and examine your true motivations. Write out a contract to yourself if it helps.

  5. Keep it to yourself

    Misplaced criticism is a killer! Although constructive advice and guidance from informed people can be extremely helpful in saving a great deal of time and energy. However, be very careful at the early stages about who you take into your confidence. Sometimes anonymous help is more effective, i.e., your own study of other people's successes.

  6. Allocate regular time slots

    Doing a little bit each day is far more effective than a concentrated blast once in a while. Disciplined action means doing something even when you don't feel like it, therefore, having a plan and sticking to it will produce both results and a feeling of relaxed satisfaction.

  7. Allow time to dream a little

    Focus need not be hard work if you remind yourself of the desired result. It's a bit like wading through a swamp to get to the paradise island in the center.


    • Have complete breaks

      Un-focus and clear your mind with totally different activities. Give your intuition a chance to bring you new insights that you would never have thought of otherwise.

    • Learn from your mistakes

      There is no such thing as a failure; only learning experiences.

    • Give it your all

      Sometimes we say that we are going to "give it our best shot." This is not enough; instead, decide to do whatever it takes. Successful athletes always focus on a point a few meters beyond the finish line, that way they never pull up too soon.

      Isn't it worth putting all your attention on one thing long enough to make it a success?

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Article Submitted On: August 03, 2000