Top 7 Ways To Rejuvenate Yourself and Your Staff To Higher Levels Of Energy

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. First, detox the leader, and that is you, my friend. Your physical being MUST be in order, before the rest of you can lead others. Lose or lower all chemical altering substances, coffee, caffeine, soda, sugar, etc to begin your bodies purification process.

  2. Next, is there SUNSHINE coming into the work place? If not, either get some, or crank up the lights, and I'm not referring to the florescent, but rather the warm-yellow halogen type.

  3. Begin a work out/ body sculpting budget for yourself and any staff member who wants to get into better shape.

  4. Fuel Checkup: What are you feeding your race engines? Are you feeding it fats and oils or high octane protein & carbos?

  5. Passion Checkup: Do you love what you are doing? If not, quit now. Passion comes before Prosperity in the dictionary for more than one reason. :)

  6. Stop the company whenever you notice energy levels drop off, and bring everyone together in your area, and do 4 minutes of stretches and jumping jacks. Yes, do it, and then report back.

  7. Ergo Checkup: Does everyone have proper work environment? It might be cheaper to invest in the right stuff up front, then have poor productivity ruin more than double the profit that could have been had with a team who loves their workplace.

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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Article Submitted On: February 27, 1998