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Top 7 Ways To Reduce Business Expenses

By Billi Perry

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  1. Weigh everything you mail. Keep an assortment of stamps on hand or use a postage meter so you have the exact postage necessary. Guessing and not having assorted stamps or postage meter wastes $$.

  2. Hire an intern from a college, computer school or business school. The student may earn school credit and you save $$.

  3. Pay your credit card bill as soon as possible if you extend payment. The average daily balance determines finance charges. A speedy payment reduces your average daily balance and your next finance charge. Always pay more than the minimum payment due.

  4. Use a petty cash fund with record keeping receipts to reimburse yourself for small purchases. Tracking small expenses allows for greater control over all your expenditures, many of which can mount up almost without realizing it.

  5. Give your cellular phone number only to select people who really need to have it for business or personal reasons. Paying for incoming calls can be an unnecessary expense. Have others contact you by pager so you control when you receive calls that cost you $$.

  6. Reduce interest expense by increasing the size of a payment or increasing the frequency of payments. Be sure that there is no pre-payment penalty involved with that particular account.

  7. Order replacement checks from a supplier other than your bank. You will save about half of what the bank charges. Watch for inserts and ads in publications for less expensive checks. 'Test' one new check to confirm that the bank can process the check.

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Article Submitted On: June 06, 1998