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Top 7 Ways To Measure Your Organization's Trust

By Dianne Loy Ferri

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  1. Do people in your organization follow-through with what they commit to? Trust reserves will run low if what people say and what they do are incongruent. Follow-through builds Trust.

  2. Do people in your organization freely share quality information between each other and between departments? People who withhold information are often viewed by others as untrustworthy and self- serving.

  3. Is the behavior of your managers and leaders predictable and positive? Leaders that exhibit aggressive, inconsistent, or passive-aggressive behaviors hurt trust from the boardroom to the breakroom. Reward positive, constructive, helpful and consistent behavior.

  4. Is performance feedback a regular and on-going part of your reward and recognition process? Employees who know how they are doing and who believe managers and supervisors are invested in their success will fill your organizational trust tank to overflowing.

  5. Are gossip and the grapevine the primary way people know what is going on in your organization? Quality information that is formally and consistently shared build's trust by reducing employee concerns. It also softens the walls between people invested in "Us and Them" thinking.

  6. Do people discuss disappointments in an open and responsible way? People who have no way to discuss disappointments openly with management will often resort to "coffee-clutch" discussions and undermine trust between employees and leadership.

  7. Does management encourage competition between employees? In a competitive workplace, employees will not share information, help one another succeed or work well in a team environment. Competition breeds the notion that the end justifies the means, which will drain your trust reserves dry.
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Article Submitted On: October 09, 1998