Top 7 Ways To Market Yourself Shamelessly

By Donna Amos

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  1. Know exactly what you provide to others. Here is a great exercise: explain the essence of what you do in two or three words. You will use those words to express to everyone what it is you can do for them, your "verbal business card."

  2. Are you proud of what you do? If you do not love what you do, are not proud of how you do it, or donít feel good enough about it to tell the world, it will be difficult to be very attractive to others. Others will be attracted to you if you express true passion about what you do.

  3. You must become a model of what youíre selling. Youíve heard the sayings "practice what you preach" or "lead by example." Become the walking brochure for what you do. This will allow you to tell and not sell your product or service. Customize what you are selling so that it fits you perfectly.

  4. Have something to offer every potential buyer who has an interest in what you offer. You will not sell your top of the line product or service to everyone. So be sure to have different levels of service at different price points, including free. Be sure everyone walks away with something of value. As they gain confidence in you and your service, they will be more likely to return for the next level.

  5. Tell clients what you want them to do and how they should do it. We are faced with hundreds of choices daily. Help them to make those decisions by completely telling them what the benefits are of what you are offering. They need direction on how to fully utilize and benefit from your product or service, educate them along the way. Either during the selling, using or receiving of service, continue to provide direction.

  6. You must tell clients all the value they are receiving. Be sure to express the value that is not apparent. What is it bringing to their lives that they did not previously have? Remind them often. If you tell your story well, they will begin repeating it, thereby bringing you more referrals.

  7. Develop a system of various ways to help people learn about you, what you offer and the benefits they will receive. Then make it easy for them to receive additional information if they want to learn more. A good system will allow you to spend about 10 percent of your time telling your story and not spend your time selling. The bottom line is that if you truly believe what you have to offer, then others will also believe. Be shameless in your marketing, informing not boasting to everyone.

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Article Submitted On: January 11, 2001