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Top 7 Ways To Make A Sales Call By Mail

By Joe Marino

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How often are you able to have a face-to-face meeting or visit with your potential customers? Probably not as often as you should. Most sales experts tell us that it usually takes somewhere between five and ten contacts to begin to build a customer relationship. The speed of email is wonderful. But effective communication by snail-mail can solidify a deal. Your friendly mailman can beat your competition to the prospect's door on a consistent basis, and the number of new orders, volume of repeat business, and percentage of customers remaining loyal to you will increase significantly.

The U.S. Mail is much more than a way to receive and pay bills. It can be an effective weapon in your sales arsenal -- especially if the competition is calling.

  1. A Thank-you note.

    Hand-written thank-you notes are highly personal and very effective. They show your customer you are paying attention. Send one for an order so the customer knows they aren't taken for granted. Send one for a referral. Satisfied customers love to refer business and will continue to do so as long as they know the effort is appreciated. And don't forget to send a thank-you for continued and valued business. Don't get complacent about your long-term customers; otherwise, they might drift away.

  2. A short note about a positive meeting or phone call.

    Follow-up in the sales world is very important. A note after a successful contact is made indicates the meeting was important to you.

  3. An article from a magazine or newspaper about your customer's business.

    Showing interest in your customer's livelihood indicates your care.

  4. A story about your customer's competition.

    Everyone wants to know what the competitor is up to. Your customer will appreciate being kept informed.

  5. A "thinking of you" postcard or note.

    If you are traveling in a city, or having an experience, you
    and the customer have talked about, you probably *do* think about them. Imagine their delight when you take time to express it.

  6. A joke, cartoon, or something funny.

    Humor is always appreciated, as long as it is done in good taste. Off-color jokes or pictures have no place in the world of successful business people.

  7. An announcement of a new product or special sale offer.

    You never know when a new product or service will fill a customer's need or hit his or her "hot button." No one will ever buy it if you keep it a secret. And everyone likes the opportunity to catch a sale. A personal notice that saves a customer money may be the way to open new doors.

Joe Marino is a Speaker and Personal Success Coach who publishes the bi-weekly e-zine, LifeCanBeGood NEWS. He wants you to know, "You can have the courage to do less and earn more with a life in balance." You can visit his Web Site at [http://www.LifeCanBeGood.com], call him by telephone at (904) 247-4065 or email

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Article Submitted On: August 28, 2000