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Top 7 Ways To Keep Business Wives Happy

By James Ward

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  1. Involve your wife in your plans, your dreams and your business decisions. Always treat her as an equal and treat her as your special partner.

  2. If she has the time and the interest, offer her an important role in your business and show your appreciation of the work she does to assist you in helping you both achieve your common goals.

  3. Treat her like you'd treat your best friend. Don't bore her with your frustrations, anger and failures. Speak to her of your successes and wins, and encourage her to share this part of your life.

  4. Surprise her with special gifts and tokens of your love and appreciation. Make her feel that she is still the most important person in your life. Always put her first and your business second.

  5. Participate in the daily and ordinary things in her life and share her successes. Always be there for her when the moment warrants you to be by her side.

  6. Call her just to tell her how much she means to you when you are away. Surprise her with multiple calls in a day.

  7. Seek out a mutually rewarding and inspiring spiritual way to be together, and join her on this path. Respect and honor her womanhood, her intuition and her beauty. Always remember she will only be as valuable to you as you yourself see her to be. She should be the most valuable thing in your whole life.

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Article Submitted On: September 11, 2000