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Top 7 Ways To Increase Your Income

By Jimsun Lui

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As Web site owners, we all want to increase our income. The following seven methods can boost your income.

  1. Join Affiliate Programs

    You can select some affiliate programs and join them. In general, signing up as an affiliate is free. However, you must select the right programs to join. A good program for you must be related to your site, e.g. if your site is sport-related, you can join a program selling sport-related products. Also, make sure that you can get paid monthly.

  2. Join Affiliate Network

    It is time-consuming for you to search for affiliate programs. Then, you can consider signing up as an affiliate of an affiliate network. They already have hundreds of products and services for you to pick from. In addition, it will pay you monthly. e.g. Commission junction is one of them. Commission junction can also pay you in one of 30 currency types, including US$, sterling, HK$, Thai Batt, etc. For details, check it out at [http://www.addto.com/track/cj/]

  3. Set up Your Own Affiliate Program

    Setting up your own affiliate/associate program means you can recruit large numbers of salespeople at a very low cost. These salespeople get paid only when they make sales/send visitors to your site. As a consequence, your products have a distribution channel, thus, increasing your revenue. You can set up your own affiliate program by installing affiliate tracking software like:

    assoctrac --> http://www.addto.com/track/assoctrac/ [http://www.addto.com/track/assoctrac/]
    protrack --> http://www.addto.com/track/protrack/ [http://www.addto.com/track/protrack/]

    or employing an affiliate network like commission junction ---> [http://www.addto.com/track/cj/]

    If you are not sure of using affiliate software or an affiliate network, check out another article at [http://www.addto.com/aff4.shtml]

  4. Write and Distribute a Press Release

    A well-written press release lets you get multiple exposures in off-line magazines. It inevitably builds credibility to your site. As more people know your site, you can expect that you will have more visitors. As a result, you get more sales. If you are searching for a professional to write and distribute your press release, check this out: [http://www.addto.com/track/newsbureau/]

  5. Establish Partnership

    First, do research about your visitors and customers. In addition to your products/services, what else do they like? Then, search for Web sites offering such products or services and then partner with the Web site owner and sell his/her products/services. You can make an additional commission this way.

  6. Sell Ad Banner Space with the Help of an Advertising Network

    If you have a considerable amount of traffic but not enough ad sales by yourself, e.g. 6,000-8,000 pageviews per month. You can consider joining an advertising network. It will find the right advertisers for you. Of course, the income is not very lucrative. However, it may well cover your Web hosting fee or even more. One of the advertising networks I know of is Burst Media, located at http://www.burstmedia.com

  7. Improve Search Engine Position

    If your site can get a top 10 search engine placement, you can expect a big jump in visitor numbers. However, I recommend that visitor numbers is not everything. You must get QUALITY visitors. Hence, you should focus on related and specific keywords, e.g. If you are selling cheese, you must consider a top 10 position when someone types "cheese" and not "food". A software called Webposition Gold can help you in improving your search engine position. Download the trail copy at: [http://www.addto.com/track/webpositiongold/]

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Article Submitted On: July 21, 2000