Top 7 Ways To Increase Your Business By Dazzling People

By Marty Eerhart

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  1. Watch what everyone else does, and do it different. It doesn't have to be perfect the first time. Just make it different. Once it is different, keep changing it to dazzling perfection.

  2. Discover that it is easier to dazzle people with a smile on their face.

  3. Tell the customer, "You can have it your way." Then, ask them what they want. Too often, we tell people, we give you what you want, and then we show them the 2 choices they have. CUSTOMIZE!

  4. Be Bold. Don't be afraid to make a bold statement, unless you want to achieve mediocre results.

  5. Once you reached a perfect presentation, service or product: Change it! Even perfection becomes extremely dull or a norm after a while.

  6. Show people the end result. Show me a beautiful watch, and you impress me. Don't bore me by telling me how you make a watch.

  7. Be brief, and be gone. Ever watched fire works? Did it last for a short time, or all night long? It doesn't matter how awesome your fireworks are. Everything becomes boring after a while.

Marty Eerhart
Global Gateway LLC, Teaching Success Strategies for the nineties [http://Listen.to/Eerhart]

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Article Submitted On: March 19, 1999