Top 7 Ways To Increase Traffic And Visibility On Your Website

By Isaac Chu

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Many clients talk to us and ask about "how to increase website traffic". They said they have get the website ready, optimize and get it listed in the search engine. But the traffic of their website is still very low. There are different techniques to advertise your product or your website and drive tons of qualified traffic. Here are some low cost "must-have" traffic-generation techniques:

  1. Search Engines and online directories

    Search engines, like Google and Yahoo!, are one of the primary sources of free targeted traffic. We've discussed this before. Let's swap up some important points here:target="_new"
    (1) Create keyword targeted content-rich web site;target="_new"
    (2) Optimize your web pages to get high ranking by search engines;target="_new"
    (3) get your site indexed in the search engines and online directories.

  2. Email Marketing

    Visitors who have interest in your product or service are potential customers. Therefore, opt-in list building is the right way to implement a system that brings visitors into repeat customers.

    If you have an opt-in List, you are in the right position to follow. Keep in touch with your customers and keep them informed about latest updates for your product or services and making sales.

    If you don't have an opt-in list, it is time to start it right now.

  3. Forum Marketing

    Forums are one of the main gathering places where people look for free advice, tips and chat. There fore if you properly use these forums, you can get some great exposure, and highly targeted visitors.

    One of the biggest mistakes people using forums is, to blatantly advertise their product or website. This will violate the forum culture and annoy people. What you need to do is just share your view there and leave your signature or link to your website.

  4. Article Marketing

    You can share your tips or view about your business by writing article. For example, you can provide tips on cleaning silver if you run a jewelry shop. You can post the article in your website and also in article directories. You can published article on Article directories. Remember to including a good signature line with each article will sparkle the reader's interest, resulting in continuous driving traffic for your website. Article writing help you attain a "Expert" status. Moreover, it also helps to improves your google and yahoo search engine ranking.

  5. Tell a friend Scripts

    "Tell a Friend" Script is one of the popular ways to drive traffic to your website. It is just a simple script you put into your website where the reader use it to refer friends to a particular page by clicking a button on your website.

    The tricky way is you can add your promotion statement in the email. Your promotion statement will get into a prospect by his friend.

  6. Pay–Per-Click

    Pay per Click (PPC) campaign is one of the fastest and easiest ways to drive targeted traffic to your website at a very low cost. With PPC advertisement, you will get targeted visitors to your website after minutes of writing your ad. To exploit the full benefits Pay per Click advertising, you have to understand how PPC advertisement works properly.

  7. Be Patient

    Be patient. The work is not a one-time task. You need to put conitnuous efforts to make it happen.

Isaac Chu is Project Director of Evinco Solutions Limited. Evinco provides innovative business softwares, include emarketing web solutions, email marketing software, e-catalog publishing software, invoicing software, and electronic cheque writer. Visit: http://www.evinco.com.hk

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Article Submitted On: August 09, 2006