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Top 7 Ways To Increase Sales By Promoting Yourself

By Larry Dotson

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People will feel more comfortable purchasing your products if you give them a little information about yourself or business. The information could be your profile, employee profiles, overall business history, education credentials, awards you've won, etc. Below are seven ways you can promote yourself.

  1. Teach a free chat room class on a subject related to your business. You could install a chat room on your Web site or use a free one from another Web site. Tell them a little about yourself before the class starts.

  2. Publish a free ezine. Use some of the extra space in your ezine to write about yourself or business. This could be called "A Note From the Editor".

  3. Publish a section on your Web site called "About Us". With your information, you could also include pictures. This shows people you're not hiding behind your business.

  4. Write an article on your area of expertise. Include a resource box at the end of the article. You can add information about yourself in the resource box. Email the article to Web sites or ezines that accept article submissions.

  5. Create and give away a free e-book. In the e-book, include a section called "About The Author". Also, include an advertisement for your business.

  6. Participate in online communities like newsgroups, discussion boards, email discussion lists and chat rooms. You will meet many people and, in return, they will get to know you.

  7. Donate your time, products, or services to charities. You can list the charities you've contributed to on your Web site. This will show visitors that you and your business care about others.


    • Promote yourself offline, teach a free class offline, speak at business seminars, or join a business club or association. Assemble fundraisers for charity. These are just a few ideas to promote yourself offline.

    • Offer free consulting to your visitors. You could do it via email or phone. They will get to know you and feel more comfortable buying your products.

    • Publish information about yourself and business history in your ad copy. While people are reading it, they begin to trust you and your business. However, don't over-do it. You want to keep them interested in your product.

Today's Top7Business article was submitted by Larry Dotson.
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Article Submitted On: March 15, 2000