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Top 7 Ways To Include Your Family In Your Business

By Julie Jordan Scott

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Being creative in the work environment is one of the reasons entrepreneurs decide to work from a home office. For those who work in a different environment, oftentimes the workload spills into the home life. Working parents need to strategize ways to ensure their family is involved in their business life. If you do not have children, this works for significant others as well!

  1. Don't allow your business to consume all your child's waking hours. Pick up your child from school and go on a lunch date once a week. Focus solely on your child during that time. Cell phone and pager OFF. Things can wait a half an hour and your child goes back to school a mini-celebrity. If your child's school will not let them off campus, then dine in the dining room with her. Your child will be the envy of all her friends.

  2. Do you have a teen? Apprentice him/her in your business! At conventions, let him/her work the booth with you. Bring him/her to networking breakfasts and luncheons, introducing him/her as your partner. Not only will it polish your child, and bring him/her more esteem, it will teach him/her business etiquette as well.

  3. Have your child do his/her homework in your office as you do your paperwork. Working and problem solving side by side can do wonders for both of you. Closeness is not just in deep conversations, special outings and spending money on expensive gifts, but in being together. By having this open door for homework policy, you may even see your child spend more time on schoolwork.

  4. Brainstorm with your child. Need some fresh ideas? Make brainstorming a game over dinner! After discussing the respective days of your family members, bring up a situation at work you need help with. See who can come up with the most creative solution. While you may not get exactly what you need, your brains will all stretch and get more polished in the meantime!

  5. Include your younger child in your business as much as possible: allow him/her to stuff envelopes or do simple filing. Have him/her sit at your desk and take care of such simple tasks as you interact with clients and customers on the telephone so you model how to behave as a business person as he/she also participates in the process.

  6. Hold at least one "Family Night" a week where no business is discussed. Decide once a month what you will do on your family nights. Maintain this schedule as you would any other commitment.

  7. Be in partnership with your child. Let him/her know how much you value him/her above all things. When you are together, look at him/her when he/she talks to you. Give him/her recognition for his/her ideas. Do not lose focus of the important reasons why you get up in the morning and work as you do. Show that little reason why each and every day!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Success coach, speaker, writer and mom to three glorious girls, one of which is playing at her feet as she writes this article. Visit her at http://www.5passions.com to sign up for an upcoming free teleclass, subscribe to a free ezine, or just learn a lot about living passionately! She can be reached via email at

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Article Submitted On: January 18, 2000