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Top 7 Ways To Improve Customer Service, Without Spending A Dime

By Drs. Marty Eerhart

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  1. Fire your headache customer. Every business has a few problem clients. You can't please them, regardless of what you do. Cut your losses, and move on. By focusing in on your "good customers". Your overall profits will increase.

  2. Have a "quality team meeting?" Set aside some time to get the different members of your teams together, and brainstorm how you can improve your customer service.

  3. Make changes by listening to your customers. Then, make the next step and implement the suggestions.

  4. Use common sense like using the customer's name, greeting a new customer and smiling.

  5. Manage expectations. During the sales process, don't promise many things, and then only deliver those things. Instead, promise a little less, and when you get the new customer, give a little more.

  6. The 30-second Hi-and-Bye script. This idea came from a business owner who got tired of all the promotional mailings and calls to draw people into his car detailing shop. He had his employees call every local customer they had. The script was very simple:

    "Hi, this is Joe from Joe's auto detailing. I hope your car is still shining. It was a pleasure to serve you. Have a super day, and good bye" That was the whole script. The customer who hung up the phone had no clue what just happened, since they were never asked to buy anything. Imagine the owner's surprise when 24% of these customers returned the same month because they like the idea of a shining car.

  7. Use modern day technology. Numerous small business owners use technology to improve customer service. For example, software that will read the caller-id number that comes in, and automatically pops up the customer record on the computer screen or Wildfire, a voice activated voice mail system and "Universal number." This special number can be used to (1) leave message, (2) locate the person, (3) accepts faxes, or can (4) page the person.

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Article Submitted On: January 04, 1999