Top 7 Ways To Identify Your Passion In Life

By Jay Jennings

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  1. Block out time to pursue both what you must do for sustenance and what I must do to develop what you love to do.

  2. Ask 10 people who know you what work or career they can see you in. Do not judge or critique what they say. Simply look for the common thread.

  3. Ask yourself, "What is important to me in a career?" Keep asking until you have nothing else that comes to mind. These are you values. Now, ask yourself, "What jobs can I hold and live these values?"

  4. Ask, "Am I overlooking anything that could be an opportunity to explore my passion?"

  5. Provide myself with "creative time" -- time to be alone with your thoughts such as commuting, walking, etc.

  6. Ask, "If I was living my passion, what would I be feeling?" Identify 5 feelings and act them out -- as if you were already living your passion.

  7. Pay attention to moments when you loose track of time and keep mental notes about what you were doing at those moments.


    • Mentally establish the results you are after, then work backwards from those results in which you are delivering the product or service people have come to you for.

    • Reframe concepts relating to your success and inject them with my new found passion.

    • Be willing to put yourself in a pinch for both time and money to make your passion work as your livelihood. The most successful people are those who have dared the Universe to tell them they couldn't accomplish their dream.

Edie Says: "Do What You Love & Love What You do. This is easy when you get out of your head and get into your heart."

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Article Submitted On: March 11, 1998