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Top 7 Ways To Guarantee A Firewalk Is A Bad Experience For Your Corporate Group

By Joe Marino

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  1. Donít encourage commitment to the experience. After all, "it isnít for everyone."

    Many times meeting planners or managers will organize a firewalk as a dramatic growth opportunity for their people then begin to wonder how effective it will really be. Their own doubt is communicated in lots of subtle ways to the entire group long before the experience ever takes place.

  2. Make attendees think the experience isnít very serious or "there must be a trick to it."

    We donít know how people can walk on hot coals without being harmed, we just know it works. When people treat the experience as having little significance or as though there is no potential danger, the first barefoot step onto the fire path can be a rude awakening!

  3. Subtly pressure everyone to attend the training and actually do the walk whether they want to or not.

    Some meeting organizers feel that with such a major event, everyone should participate 100%. Each individual must be allowed to make their own choice regarding the walk. Either choice -- to walk or not -- is positive, provides opportunity for personal growth and should be respected.

  4. Try to "get by" by having the firewalk as inexpensive as possible.

    You can scrimp on materials or find a less qualified facilitator, but you (and your people) might pay a higher price in another way.

  5. Joke around or say and do things prior to the training which generate fear or undermine confidence in the facilitator or the experience.

    Sometimes we deal with our fear, apprehension or nervousness through humor. Thatís good for you. Maybe not so good for those who are affected by what they hear you say.

  6. Donít participate in group activities during the training preceding the walk.

    Many times managers and meeting planners feel the pressure of "overseeing the event" or allow other responsibilities to intrude on their participation. Team energy is often a vital piece of the experience for many participants. If YOU donít participate, it will affect them.

  7. Discourage free expression during the training.

    The firewalk can be a very emotional experience. We are not always comfortable with this in business settings. Relax and let the experience bring its lessons. It is a dramatic and memorable time. Let the participants experience it that way.

Joe Marino is a Corporate Educator, Personal Success Tele-Coach, and publisher of LifeCanBeGood NEWS Ezine. He is also a Certified FireWalk Instructor. His clients are professionals who want to achieve more without being consumed in the process. He wants you to know, "You can have the courage to do less and earn more." You can visit his Web Site at http:www.LifeCanBeGood.com [http://www.LifeCanBeGood.com], call him by telephone at (904) 247-4065 or email him at

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Article Submitted On: August 16, 2000