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Top 7 Ways To Get Top Search Engine Positioning

By David Gikandi

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  1. Make a list of about 50 keywords and keyword phrases that your clients would use to search for you and your products and services on a search engine. Search GoTo's database of search terms at [http://inventory.go2.com/inventory/searchInventory.mp] to get you going. Do not choose words that are not related to your site - that is spamming.

  2. Create a doorway page for each of your keywords and phrases. Each doorway page will concentrate on getting just one keyword or keyword phrase to the top position of search results for that keyword or keyword phrase.

  3. Make sure the keyword or phrase appears early in the page, page title, and description tag. This scores highly on search engine relevancy ratings.

  4. Repeat the keyword or phrase no more than 7 times in a page. Simply repeating the keyword or phrase will not work because grammatical structure and keyword weight also plays a role.

  5. Ensure that the "weight" of the keywords (the ratio of keywords to all other words) is between 2% and 8%.

  6. Put your keyword or phrase in the following locations of the doorway pages: <TITLE>, <META NAME="DESCRIPTION">, <META NAME="KEYWORD">, <H1> or other headline tags, <A HREF="http://yourcompany.com/page.htm">LINK</A> link tags, the body copy, ALT tags, <!-- insert comments here> comments tags, <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="HIDDEN" VALUE="include list of keywords here"> the
    hidden type tag, and in the URL or site address, e.g., [http://www.keyword.com/keyword.htm].

  7. Submit your doorways to the top search engines (AltaVista, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Excite, Web Crawler, and Magellan). They will contribute to over 95% of your traffic. Yahoo does not accept doorway pages.

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Article Submitted On: November 03, 1998