Top 7 Ways To Get New Product Ideas

By Larry Dotson

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  1. Solve an existing problem for people. There are thousands of problems in the world. Create a product that can provide a solution to one of those problems.

  2. Find out what the current hot trend is. You can find out what the new trends are by watching T.V., reading magazines and surfing the Net. Just create a product that's related to the current hot trend.

  3. Improve a product that is already on the market. You see products at home, in ads, at stores, etc. Just take a product that's already out there and improve it.

  4. Create a new niche for a current product. You can set yourself apart from your competition by creating a niche. Your product could be faster, bigger, smaller, or quicker than you competitor's product.

  5. Add on to an existing product. You could package your current product with other related products. For example, you could package a football with a team jersey and football cards.

  6. Reincarnate an older product. Maybe you have a book that's out of print and is no longer being sold. You could change the title, design a new front cover, and bring some of the old content up to date.

  7. Ask your current customers. You could contact some of your existing customers by phone or email and ask them what kind of new products they would like to see on the market.

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Article Submitted On: February 01, 2000