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Top 7 Ways To Find Valuable Employees

By Joan Stewart

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  1. Give your business card to friendly, helpful people who you would like to work at your business, and include a short note on the back telling them about one of the best benefits you offer. Place your business card next to the tip you leave for the wait staff, hair stylist or other service professional.

  2. Recruit spouses of current employees or look to them for referrals. Don't forget referral bonuses.

  3. Target people who volunteer their services at places such as hospital gift shops and non-profit agencies. Give them fliers that read, "If you want to get paid for what you're doing for free, call us."

  4. Call every good employee who has ever worked for you and left. You might find one who is miserable and would love to come back but is too embarrassed to contact you. Be sure to ask him/her why he/she left.

  5. Recruit at senior recreation centers where you might be able to lure the elderly out of retirement for part-time jobs.

  6. Post "Help Wanted" notices in high-traffic government offices such as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  7. Place magnetic signs that say "We're hiring. Call" on your cars, trucks or vans.

Stewart is a media relations speaker, trainer, consultant and publisher of The Publicity Hound newsletter. She is also author of "113 Tips for Recruiting Valuable Employees" as well as "107 Tips for Keeping Valuable Employees." These are available at

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Article Submitted On: March 29, 2000