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Top 7 Ways To Fail With Your New Website

By Andrew S. Grosman

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  1. Not keeping up with technology- Only a year ago animated logos were the best thing since sliced bread. Now your audience wants audio, video, and files. You don't have to invest everything in the latest attachments, but incorporate the ones with the best results. Example: a real audio file with an example of your seminar speaks volumes (no pun intended!!)

  2. Impatience with the process- Yahoo didn't have the unbelievable success it enjoys right now instantly. Be patient and diligent and the success will come, but it won't happen this Sunday.

  3. No helpful information or tips- sorry folks, but the web is about the free flow of information. It is fair to ask for some information from your audience, but you have to be willing to give and get.

  4. Never change or update it- No one likes to see 'last updated June 10,1996'. That is the quickest way to lose your credibility and repeat audience.

  5. Wait for the world to discover your website- It won't happen without effort. There are millions of web sites and more each day. You absolutely need to promote yours and show your audience "Hey, I'm different than those other guys...come back again."

  6. Hire your friend's cousin- Not that little Johnny can't create one being a 16 year old kid, but you need someone with Internet marketing experience rather than someone who can a bunch of pretty pictures and copy your brochure text.

  7. Submit through search engines only- this is the quickest route to Internet oblivion because the big search engines are backed up for weeks at a time and a search for books gives over 1 million responses and you may be 900,000 records down.

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Article Submitted On: March 25, 1999