Top 7 Ways To Establish Good Rapport With Customers

By Nader Iznait

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Have you ever wondered why some people are more comfortable to be with than others? Well so have a lot of behavioral scientists, and they have discovered a number of specific kinds of behavior that contribute to establishing a personal rapport. Here are seven reasons to establish the rapport.

  1. Smile sincerely –not false, paste-on smile, but one that starts with your eyes.

  2. Keep a relaxed, open stance.

  3. Lean slightly toward the customer, being careful not to invade his personal space.

  4. Maintain eye contact. You will be considered more confident, honest, and knowledgeable by customers.

  5. Occasionally touch the person in nonthreatening manner.

  6. Know the customer’s name and use it when speaking with him.

  7. Subtly mirror the customer behavior. Match his rate of breathing; speak at his rate of speech and in his tone of voice. Assume a posture similar to his and use similar body language. We all relate to those feel are like us.

Nader Iznait - Technical Consultant for IT, Business Management and Marketing.

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Article Submitted On: May 23, 2007