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Top 7 Ways To Ensure A Very Cool Day

By Dr. Drew Rozell

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  1. Set a Relaxed Tone.

    Get an early start on your day and give yourself plenty of time and space in the morning. For many people who make this a habit, this time to read, write, or reflect is the most enjoyable and productive time of the day. The point is to avoid waking up, jumping in the shower, throwing on some clothes, and dumping coffee in your lap while weaving through traffic. If you begin your day burning adrenaline, you've set the tone for a stressful day where you're continually running late. Give yourself more time than you need in the morning and you will enjoy a more relaxed and productive day. And yes, your mother was right about eating a healthy breakfast -- fueling your body properly is essential if you are to perform to your potential. If getting up early presents a particularly daunting challenge for you, see Bonus Tip #1.

  2. Move Your Body.

    In order to set a relaxing tone for the remainder of the day, make it a point to move your body. Exercising in the morning provides an energy boost and the warm comfort of relaxed muscles that lasts throughout the day. Even if you cannot do a full workout, take a few minutes to stretch your body or take a walk around the block (added bonus: your dog will love you even more). Your mind and body work in concert -- if you are neglecting your body, you are not at your best mentally. Yes, it's THAT important.

  3. Underpromise.

    Underpromising refers to putting a boundary in place to protect you from taking on people or situations that will cause you stress. Instead of saying "yes" to a request when your gut is screaming "NO," say "no." Underpromising means giving yourself a cushion for completing projects and making appointments to avoid the sub-standard work and stress that come with rushing around to meet a deadline. Underpromising is simply a skill that anyone can employ effectively -- it's just a habit that comes easier with time. Underpromising is tremendously effective when combined with tip #4 for a Very Cool Day.

  4. Overdeliver.

    Okay, now that you've underpromised, you have the opportunity to overdeliver -- to exceed someone's expectations. You can never go wrong with this model. For example, when you tell customers that you will have a project completed in three days and then deliver it in two days, not only have you avoided the stress of a tight deadline, but you have also exceeded their expectations. Quite simply, you will look very professional because you are behaving very professionally. The same is true when you underpromise and overdeliver to yourself -- instead of feeling lousy by focusing on what you are not doing, adjusting your expectations and exceeding them you will feel better about yourself and you'll end up accomplishing more.

  5. Get away from your workspace for lunch.

    Okay, it's lunchtime. Are you planning on eating something quite unremarkable in front of your computer? For that manner, are you even planning to eat? Take a break to recharge. Remove yourself from your work area. Eat slowly and concentrate on your food, your surroundings, yourself. Relax. You will return to your work re-energized and with a fresh perspective on your work.

  6. Clean house.

    You went to all the trouble to get your workspace organized and now you notice little piles sprouting all over your desk. Under cover of darkness, these little piles reproduce overnight like bacteria and you find yourself right back in Sloppytown. My suggestion: schedule time before you leave each day to maintain your workspace. File things that need to be filed, delete unimportant emails, toss paperwork you don't absolutely need, and return phone calls you received that day. It's amazing how 10 minutes of organization time can make a difference. You will have completed your day and will have a friendly space to welcome you to work the next morning.

  7. Have something to look forward to each night.

    Have something better to do with your evening than the default of zoning out in front of the TV or doing more work. Prepare a nice meal. Dust off your guitar or piano. Listen to some music. Talk with a friend. Take a class. Read a book. Join a club or league. Connect with your family. Learn something. Build a life.


    • Sleep well.

      Don't cheat yourself from the possibility of having a great tomorrow by not getting enough sleep. Our bodies are wired so that sleep is a need, not a luxury. Only 35% of adults sleep the recommended 8 hours or more per night during the five-day work week. It affects you more than you think. Turn off the TV an hour earlier. Put your work away. Perfect your resting environment -- do your mattress, pillows, sheets, blankets, noise levels, and air quality allow you to sleep your best? Are all physical and psychological problems (e.g., snoring, stress-induced insomnia) being addressed? Pleasant dreams!

Dr. Drew Rozell is the president of Evolution Personal & Business Coaching. He works with executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners to help them to stop procrastinating and start taking the specific actions that will lead them to more profitable and rewarding lives. Visit www.evolutioncoaching.com to register for a complimentary coaching session with Drew and to receive your FREE subscription to "The Growing Edge" Newsletter.

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Article Submitted On: March 28, 2000